If an individual is arrested in Lake Forest, California, they are taken to Lake Forest Sheriff’s Division before being sent to the Orange County Main Jail or to the Central Jail in Santa Ana.  Lake Forest bail bonds can be posted 24 hours a day to secure the release on an individual from custody. To avoid any delays in release, you should get the bail bond process started right away because in most cases we are able to fax a bond to the main jail, if the arrestee is already eligible for one. Our local Orange County bail agents are available 24/7 and will meet with you upon your call to complete the process, be at your home, office or jail.  Additionally, the process of bail bond execution can be done by telephone if the meeting is not possible.  We will help you get your loved one quickly bailed out.  We begin right away and finish the procedure within 30 minutes in the majority of our cases.  This is why our service is one of the fastest in California.

Our Lake Forest local office must be contacted as soon as possible; the Sheriff’s Department must respect your right to bail out as it is written in the 8th Amendment.  After this, we start off the process, which includes classifying the individual by the alleged crimes and determining the violating code, which is the starting point for determination of the bail amount.  Keep in mind that we do not set the bail amount, the Sheriff’s Department does.  After this, the arrestee is fingerprinted in order to pass the background check as to whether there are any holds, warrants or aliases.  If there is a hold, the arrestee may not be able to bond out, but if there isn’t, they can be bailed as quickly as 30 minutes after the posting of the bail bond.

A second scenario takes place if you do not react quickly after you find out your beloved is arrested.  In this case, they might have already been transferred to the Main Jail in Santa Ana or the Orange County Main Jail before you contact us.  However, our agents will still follow the detained and help them get free through bond services ASAP.

This Santa Ana Main jail is a maximum security, 5700 people capacity jail where the booking process usually takes 6 to 12 hours.  Here, the inmate will pass the usual security controls, medical check, as well as fingerprint scanning and photographing.  After this, according to their supposed crime, they may be transferred again to a different jail facility.  During this stage, we offer you information and updates throughout.  After the booking process is complete, which might feel like eternity, due to a great number of people staying and coming here daily, we begin the bailing out procedure.  After posting the bond, it again takes from 6 to 12 hours for the arrestee to be released from jail.

There are many bail bonding companies and we offer you free of charge consultations which will make you understand your options.  If you choose us, we will provide you quality service and do all that we can to get your beloved released from jail as soon as possible after your call.  So call us now at 949-202-1434.

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